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Aromatic Lotion - Geanium 115 ml

Aromatic Lotion - Geanium 115 ml

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Aromatic lotion with floral fragrance is intended mainly for use on oily, sensitive and problematic skin prone to acne. It deeply cleans the skin, calms, alterates seborrhea and regenerates the skin. 

This lotion is also suitable for women in climacterium because it balances hormonal instability.

Geranium's aroma makes you feel safe and strengthens the flow of woman energy.

It's great to have this floral lotion with spray at hand - a fresh shower of an aromatic water with beautiful scent hydrates and refreshes everytime you need during the day.


Usage: Use for cleaning the face, as a moisturizer before the use of facial or body oil, or just everytime you feel the desire for refreshening.


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