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Baby Body Oil - Marigold and Chamomile 125 ml

Baby Body Oil - Marigold and Chamomile 125 ml

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This gentle oil with marigold extract is dedicated to babies for everyday care after bathing and for their massage. The oil protects baby's skin, heals and nourishes, and doesn't clog the pores. It's made of the most gentle and carefully picked vegetal oils to fully satisfy sensitive and gentle baby's skin.

No petrolleum products, parabens, dyes and synthetic aromas are used.

Suitable to use from the very first day of baby's life.

Marigold heals and calms the skin and gentle scent of chamomile calms and harmonizes the baby. Cherish your baby with gentle care of the nature.


Main active substances: almond oil, apricot oil, BIO sesame seeds oil, marigold extract, Roman camomile essential oil. 

Usage: Gently rub into baby's skin after washing.
When massaging, gently moisten baby's skin with lotion (for exemple camomile or lavender aromatic lotion), make the oil warm in your palms and massage. Always keep the baby warm.


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