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Facial Oil - Argan/Geranium 30 ml

Facial Oil - Argan/Geranium 30 ml

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The combination of vegetal and essential oils in this product is designed to alter seborrhoea and to heal and calm the skin, thus we recommend to use this oil primarily for oily, problematic skin that is prone to acne. The oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects, it calms, heals, hydrates and nourishes the face along with altering the creation of grease. 

Geranium's scent brings balanced harmony and fortifies the flux of woman's energy.


Main active substances: BIO argan oil, BIO sunflower oil, geranium essential oil, lavender essential oil, natural vitamins E,A


Usage: Use both in the morning and evening.
Moisturize your washed face with aromatic facial water, apply four drops of oil on your face, one on your bossom and gently embrocate.  If you use facial oil together with water, the skin is velvet smooth, not oily!

Oil is also suitable for cosmetical massages. During the massage, when your fingers dont slip anymore and you still want to work, you don't have to add additional oil, you can just moisten fingers with aromatic water. Grant this care to your face and it will reward you with beautiful and healthy skin.

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