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I'm a woman, a mother of two children, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a beautician, a masseur, professional aromatherapist and especially the creator of MAAT cosmetics.

I've been living in a beautiful country of Ždánický les for all my life. This country, my love for nature, family, deep respect for ancestors' wisdom and gratitude to God for everything he gives us play a big part in my life. And they have, step by step, brought me to you.

I am an ordinary woman that likes to be a woman. 
This is a part of my soul and I think that now it's time for facts.



How did I get into creating MAAT cosmetics?

I graduated at the Institute of Aromatherapy in Prague. I've found a magical world of aromas, their great power and effect on both body and psyche. I found there what I was looking for. Something mystic, something between the heaven and earth but - on the other side - proven by researchs, chemistry and biological processes.

As a beautician, I was looking for products to work with in practice.

I was looking for a cosmetics that would be natural, effective, that wouldn't have negative effects of my health and health of my clients and that would be gentle to the nature, while being pleasant and not overcharged.

And years of searching brought me to the idea of making my own aromaterapeutic cosmetics.

All my products were handmade by me, I've tried them all, improved them, put my love, knowledge and deep respect to the God and the nature into them. 



From the past to the present.

When I was looking for my salon's name, I picked a name of Egyptian goddess Maat. It was not a random pick - I followed the numerology so that energy of the name would bring me exactly what I was looking for from the salon. Back then, I had no idea how my life would change and how much will my work fulfill me. 

I was considering to name my products differently than Maat - something more easy to pronounce and to remember. But then I was on a walk in nature and found a Jay feather (feather is Maat's symbol) and took it as a message for keeping the name of the goddess. And I believe that Maat will bring us harmony and an universal order to our lives.

Maat is an Egyptian goddess of justice, truth, harmony and order. She's not widely known and popular here, but ancient Egyptians strongly worshipped her. No pyramid, temple or tomb was built without Maat. All the measurements while building were made under her protection. Maat provides the stability of the world  running and without her, the world would collide and chaos would win.

Maat symbol's a feather which was put on the scales while weighting the souls of those who died.

And you'l find the feather symbol on all products of Maat cosmetics. You can even notice that Maat's hiden in our website's name: www.aromaaterapie.cz.



"The beauty and the health go hand in hand with the beauty and the satisfaction of the soul."

Welcome and enter to my world, the world of healthy beauty without chemicals and poisons.

Your Petra Švábíková
Maat cosmetics creator