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Sun Oil Care - Sunbathing 125 ml

Sun Oil Care - Sunbathing 125 ml

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This oil was made specially for summer skin care. There is used a little known ability of vegetal oils - a natural protection from sunlight.

The oil nourishes the skin, moisturizes it and gives it wide-spectrum protection from sunlight.

The oil is suitable even for kids and sensitive skin. It has a pleasant flowery-coconut scent.

Below are described some of high quality oils used in the mixture:
BIO raspberry seeds oil - is a strong antioxidant and contains high amount of vitamin E and A. This oil is highly nourishing, hydrating and has great calming and anti-inflammatory skills. It's one of few oils that grant protection from both UVA and UVB sunlight (most of the oils protect just from UVA). SPF of this oil moves from 28 to 50 depending on quality of the oil (we are using very high quality BIO oil with ECOCERT certificate).
Carrot oil - is full of vitamins A, B, C, E and beta carotene that grants the skin a great protection from sunlight and free radicals. Carrot oil calms and nourishes the skin, making it more elastic, and regenerates skin cellulae. This oil can be used as a preparation before sunbathing due to high amount of carotenoids.
BIO coconut oil - a great oil that protects and moisturizes the skin. It protects the skin from sunlight and regenerates it after sunbathing. The SPF moves from 4 to 8 (depending on oil's quality, we use an oil in very high BIO quality). 

Cucumber oil - an oil full of omega 3 unsaturated fatty acids. It moisturizes and calms the skin, which is great whenever you get burnt by the Sun.
Camellia oil - a miracle of Japanese cosmetics that holds the secret of geishas' beauty.
It smoothes and nourishes the skin and renews its softness and elasticity. It is suitable even for the most sensitive skin.
Avocado extract - a health bomb for your skin.
Main active substances: BIO raspberry seeds oil, BIO coconut oil, carrot oil, cucumber oil, BIO camellia oil, avocado extract, BIO sunflower oil, almond oil, vitamin E.

Usage: Wet the skin ideally with aromatic lotion and embrocate small amount of the oil.
WARNING: The SPF can not be precisely specified without testing and because of that, this oil can not be presented as a product with SPF. Repeat the application of the oil several times during sunbathing. The oil isn't waterproof and thanks to the carrot oil, it can temporarily slightly dye the skin.


INCI: Rubus Idaeus(Raspberry)Seed Oil Bio, Cocos nucifera Oil Bio, Prunus amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Camelia Japonica Oil Bio, Helianthus Annuss (Sunflower) Oil (and) Daucus Carota Sativa Seed Extract, Cucumis sativus Oil, Tocopherol(vit.E), Avocado Extract, Michelia Alba oil


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