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Bath Bomb - Lavender 60 g

Bath Bomb - Lavender 60 g

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87 Kč
List Number: -SDKL70
Price excluding VAT:71,90 Kč
Price including VAT:87 Kč
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 An unique bath that brings you peace, calm and relief. Gentle scent of lavender relaxes you and gets you ready for a sweet sleep.

The bath bomb contains coca butter and shea butter that moisturize and soften your skin. It's dyed by purple clay. 


Main active substances: cocoa butter, shea butter, soda bicarbona, citric acid, lavender essential oil, purple clay, dried flowers of lavender.

Usage: Throw the bath bomb into a bath full of warm water and enjoy moments of relaxation.

Displayed price is for one bath bomb.


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