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Body and Facial Butter - Baby 150 ml

Body and Facial Butter - Baby 150 ml

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This gentle butter is dedicated to the sensitive baby skin. A unique combination of marigold oil, shea butter and Roman chamomile protects the skin, gets into its deepest layers and hydrates, nourishes and cherishes the skin.

The butter is suitable especially for dry to very dry and sensitive baby skin and you can use it from 6th month of baby's life.

Shea butter keeps the skin soft, elastic and resistant. It has natural UV factor 4 and is suitable for skin with psoriasis, atopic eczema and neurodermimtis.  

The shea butter is mixed with rare vegetal oils into a cream-like mass.

Marigold oil - has great healing, anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects. Hastens wounds healing, calms and smooths the skin. 

Roman chamomile - an essence that harmonizes and calms baby's spirit. It helps with flatulence and nervousness.


Main active substances: shea butter, marigold oil, Roman chamomile essential oil, vitamin E. 

Usage: Let the butter melt in your palms and gently rub into wet skin. Suitable for applying on the skin under diapers.


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