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Maat Cosmetics
Natural handmade cosmetics Maat, 
a cosmetics that's not killing!


Maat Cosmetics is dedicated to anyone
who believes in healing and harmonising power of the nature
and dreams of healthy beauty
without chemicals and poisons.



I offer unique, handmade, 100% clear natural aromaterapeutic cosmetics Maat,
which contains neither any  syntetic aromatic, nor preservative and coloring substances, nor mineral oils,
vaseline or any other synthetic petroleum products.

Maat cosmetics is made from materials of highest quality such as vegetal oils mostly in BIO quality,
vegetal butters and 100% natural essential oils.

Maat cosmetics is created with love, care and high esteem to nature.

Because Maat cosmetics is live cosmetics, its lifespan is not as long as you are used to with conventional cosmetics.
Average lifespan is one year - however, you'll find the lifespan of every single product on its label.

This is why i create everything in small series based on incoming orders - to make sure you'll get your products as fresh as possible.


Maat cosmetics operates on three levels:

rejuvenates and heals body
calms mind
and raises your spirit


kosmetika MAAT

I bring you cosmetics that is live, safe for your health, effective, regardful of the Earth 
and beautifully aromatic.

When it comes to face and skin care, I come from the effects of aromatherapy, new researchs in this branch, traditions,
knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors, that exceeded millennia.

Maat cosmetics makes use of the effects of vegetal oils such as argan, camellia, almond,
apricot or raspberry seeds oil, cucumber, blackberry.

Maat products does not contain:

  • mineral oils, vaseline or other petrolleum products
  • genetically modified organisms (GMO)
  • syntetic aromatic, preservative and coloring substances
  • substances from dead animals
  • neither used substances nor products are tested on animals


"Beauty and health is born in the nature."