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. . .  when Maat can be your lighthouse in the sea of the cosmetics.


Aren't you sure which product you should pick?

I've created a little guide for picking a suitable treatment by natural cosmetics Maat.


Mature skin ( every skin from the age of 25)

  • serums - rejuvenating opuntia + any of the argan serums we offer
  • facial oils - rose, jasmine, orange flower, lavender, linden
  • eye care serum
  • aromatic lotions - any
  • body and facial butter - any
  • wash lotion - any


Young skin ( up to 25 let)

  • facial oil - linden, geranium
  • aromatic lotion - linden, lavender, geranium, camomile 
  • wash lotion - lavender, green tea
  • if your skin is too dry, you can use any of the butters (for exemple linden)


Sensitive skin

  • facial oils - rose, lavender, linden
  • eye cares serum
  • aromatic lotion - camomile, lavender, rose 


Oily skin

  • facial oil - geranium
  • argan serum - cucumber
  • aromatic lotion - geranium


Acne prone skin

  • facial oil- geranium (acne + oily skin), lavender (acne + dry skin)
  • argan serum - cucumber
  • aromatic lotion  - geranium, lavender


Skin with cuperosis

  • facial oil - geranium (oily skin), orange flower (dry skin)
  • argan serum - rose
  • aromatic lotion - rose, geranium


If you're still unsure, contact me and we'll pick the best for you together. 

I've made this list because most of you are used to orient like this while picking suitable care.

Cosmetic industry, which uses synthetic substances created for one specific purpose, learned us to do so. However, the nature works another way, and that's what makes it so great and beautiful - you just need to cross the border of what you've learned and what you're used to.

Aromaterapeutic cosmetics is beautiful because of it's versatility and it's effect on both the body and the spirit. Every natural products works on multiple levels.

For you to understand better, I'll list here some exemples.

  • Argan oil - there isn't a better oil for dry and mature skin. It nourishes, rejuvenates and smooths wrinkles. But it's also perfectly calming and anti-inflammatory, so it can greatly help with healing acne, dermatitis or eczema. Who would think about using the same oil on both acne and wrinkles? The nature. Because, in her greatness, it simply can.
  • Geranium essential oil - is anti-inflammatory, alters seborrhea - on dry skin it raises the creation and on oily skin it reduces the creation. That's why it's great both for care of oily and dry skin.

And we could continue like this - you can see now the versatility of the nature.

Natural products I'm using for the creation of Maat cosmetics harmonize the skin, so it can deal with its imperfefctions itself.

So we've come to the conclusion - it's not important to divide the skin from type to type when picking which product of arometerapeutic cosmetics you should use. There are other factors that play its part. The personality, the state of the soul, and what we personally like.

You can rely on a great woman's weapon when picking - the intuition. It's the message from our soul telling us what our body needs.



Do you want to try any of our products and are you afraid of buying the whole product?

Try one of our samples which is slightly cheaper.



What will I get for my money?

  • The treatment is very economic. You need only 5 drops of the oil for one treatment of the face, neck and decollete.
    30 ml of the facial oil will last 2-2,75 months.

    Which means that one treatment costs you 2,10 Kč - and while using both in the morning and evening, you'll spend daily only 4,20 Kč.

    And when using luxury argan serum, you'll spend daily 7 Kč (one treatment 3,50 Kč).
  • Complexity, simplicity and saving. One oil can fully cover care of your skin. You don't need one oil for day care and another for the night care, one for face and another for body.
  • A unique skin care with 100% efficiency. Every substance in our products nourish, heal and harmonize your skin.
  • You are granting the best you can to your skin - giving it live energy of the nature.
  • Maat cosmetics is safe for the body. It doesn't contain chemicals, poisons and toxins.
  • A pleasure for your senses caused by the beautiful scent of nature.
  • Maat makes your wishes come true - possible immediately and impossible in some time.
  • The cosmetics is handmade with love, care and deep respect to the nature.



Is your product damaged?

All the products are carefully wrapped into bubble foil in order to prevent damaging of the product during its delivery. If the product is damaged despite all of that, write to me and I'll send you a new one. The postage is on me.